Award Winning Kona Coffee

-- Organically Grow Traditional Kona Tipica Coffee--


2017 Kona Coffee cultural Festival " The Finalist"

2014 Kona Coffee Cultural Festival " The Finalist"

2012 Kona Coffee Cultural Festival " The Third Place"

2007 Kona Coffee Fair People's Choice


What makes our coffee different?

Grow Organically on the Rich Volcanic Soil

Most our trees are more than 50 years old and some of them are even 100 years old.

We only pick ripe cherries and Sun dry No dryer

Special slow air roast by the Mischa's hand made air roaster

2018's coffee is almost sold out. When 2019 coffee becomes avariable we will inform you. Send email.

Are you in the Big Island?

We offer free farm tour. Please make an appointment.

Please visit our farm and see our more than 100 year old coffee trees! These old trees produce our tasty coffee before buying our coffee.

You could taste not only our coffee but also seasonal flute, such as big avocado, orange, banana, or mango.

Please make an appointment for the tour so we could arrange our schedule.



The Other places where you can buy our coffee

Sunday (9:00 to 2:00)

South Kona Pure Green Market (Manago Hotel, Greenwel Botanical Garden Parking lot)

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@ Princess Radha Farm ( Since 2006)