2014 Kona Coffee Cupping Competition

Kona Coffee Cultual Festival

2012 Kona Coffee Cupping Competition

Inside the Sheraton Kona Resort & Spa’s Hualalai Room, these experts — John King of Harold L. King & Co., Phil Maloney of Peet’s Coffee & Tea and Makoto Ikeda of Ueshima Coffee Co. — searched for “that classic Kona flavor” among the entries submitted by 47 Kona coffee farms. After coating their tongues evenly and giving their taste buds a simultaneous splash, they evaluated the fragrance, aroma, acidity, body and flavor of the brews. For them, Kona coffee perfection is defined as having a fragrant floral aroma, mellow acidity, subtle winy tones, medium mellow body, and mellow sweetness." (West Hawaii Today 11/9/2012)

We Got the 3rd Place!

People's Choice Award

In 2007 the Kona Coffee Farmers Association sponsored Kona coffee cupping contest in Kailua Kona. The people at the Fair voted for best Kona coffee. The contest had two days and we got second award for both days. We didn't invite any friends like others but we got many votes from ordinary people who tasted our coffee.

Unfortunately the contest has not done again.

We are proud of this award because it is real people's choice award!

Please you decide our coffee by yourself!

What makes our coffee so special?

  • We pick only ripe red cherries: If you bite a cherry with the coffee bean in it, you can taste the difference of the red ripe cherry and an unripened one.
  • The process: We sort through several times to pick floating cherries out (they are not perfect ).
  • Sun Dry: They dry slowly and without any stress. The fruity smell and taste remains in the beans.
  • The location and the age of trees: We have perfect condition where coffee trees grow. That's why our trees survive more than 100 years!

Our coffee has a slight fruity taste and aroma (you may taste the sweetness) and very smooth, without bitterness.

If you drink coffee every morning, why not have best one? It is your treat, isn't it?

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