50 Kona Coffee Tree Sponsors

We celebrate 2017 clops and we offer the special price for 50 kona coffee tree sponsors.

We keep Fancy Kona Coffee Green for them and send freshly roasted 2 lb. coffee every month a year.

(If you like, we can arrange shipping amount.)

In 2018 spring we will plant 50 new coffee trees. After that, we will place your name plate and send the pictures of the grow. Whenever you visit our farm, you could meet your tree. If you like, you can plant your own tree too. Your name plate will be on your tree until the tree dies. If the tree could not survive in 10 years, we will place your name plate to another tree. You could get our special price when you order our coffee in your life time.

In the USA the shipping is free. If you are out of USA, please send an E-mail for the arrangement of the shipping.

The Price is $797 (Total of 24 lb. Fancy Coffee): You will recieve the E-mail to arrange the shipment of coffee.

If you have a qiestion or special request, please send us an E-mail.

Sponsor a Tree $797