50 Kona Coffee Tree Sponsors

Are you going to visit the Big Island and would like to have special memory of the visit?

Come our farm and plant a coffee tree by yourself.

Are you thinking a special gift to someone who likes coffee ?

How about owing a coffee tree and gift of award winning coffee!

We celebrate 2017 clops and we offer the special price for 50 kona coffee tree sponsors.

It comes 4 of 0.5lb. of Extra Fancy Coffee ( Total 2 lb.) and Laminated Tree's Picture with name plate (9 x12).

If you visit our farm and you like, you can plant a tree by yourself. (Plaese make an apointment advance) You can take coffee with you and we will take pictures and send you later.


In the USA the shipping is free. If you are out of USA, please send an E-mail for the arrangement of the shipping fee.

The Price is $100 (Total of 2 lb. Extra Fancy Coffee and you can get special price for our coffee):

Make an appointment by an E-mail.

Sponsor a Tree $100